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The role of environmental factors in autoimmune thyroiditis

Environmental factors can play an important role in the development of autoimmune thyroiditis (AT) and other autoimmune diseases. This article reviews the role of heavy metals and infectious agents in AT.  Memory T lymphocytes can be used as biomarkers of susceptibility to mercury and other inflammation triggers in individual patients. If metal allergy is found, the patient should avoid all exposure to the allergenic substance. Mercury-allergic patients may benefit from replacement of dental amalgam.

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2008 FDA ignores science & deflects responsibility

In 2008 a group of widely published mercury researchers took two dozen new studies indicating harm from mercury vapor emitted from dental amalgam fillings to FDA's associate commissioner of science, Norris Alderson. While Alderson told them he agreed with them, he stated he couldn't do anything about it unless they (the researchers) got the American Dental Association to agree with them.