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The role of environmental factors in autoimmune thyroiditis

Environmental factors can play an important role in the development of autoimmune thyroiditis (AT) and other autoimmune diseases. This article reviews the role of heavy metals and infectious agents in AT.  Memory T lymphocytes can be used as biomarkers of susceptibility to mercury and other inflammation triggers in individual patients. If metal allergy is found, the patient should avoid all exposure to the allergenic substance. Mercury-allergic patients may benefit from replacement of dental amalgam.

Injured Consumer Testimonials

Injured Dental Staff Testimonials


Dental Amalgam Scandals

A known neurotoxin such as mercury, with a vast history of scientific studies indicating harm at low levels of exposure, could not remain on the market as a medical implant for over 30+ years without a plethora of scandals to accompany it. Many of the articles in this section are based on researchers first hand experience with various health agencies of the federal government and Freedom of Information (FOIA) documents obtained by consumer advocacy groups.